The Team

Wouldn’t you love to have a full Creative, Design, Video, Web and Strategic Marketing TEAM in your company? W3BG is like flying a Corporate Jet for the price of a coach ticket.

We have assembled an amazing Team to fit all your needs!

W3BG has brought one of the best teams of Strategists, Creative Designers, Web Developers, Film and Video Producers, Motion Graphics Designers and Web Marketing Professionals and put them under one highly productive and affordable umbrella.  At W3BG our goal is to bring Madison Avenue to the masses at prices that organizations can afford.

Our team is one that is award winning, but in the end what you want are people who can get results.  Our philosophy is about functionality and usability ... pretty designs do not sell or compel an audience to take action.  That’s what sets us apart!  We create strategy, design, development and deployment that is effective and measurable.  If it does not get your result then don’t waste your money.

There are no words that describe how good this team of professionals are ... you just simply have to meet us. One meeting and you will know you are in the good hands of people who get what you do, and know how to get you where you want to go.  That’s W3BG and we want to be your team!