Strategic Web Consulting

Every company large or small must have a strategic plan and many do, but even the best fail to create a strategic plan for their marketing and web efforts.  W3BG has one of the most experienced teams of Strategic Marketing and Web Consultants in the market place ready to help you not only create the right strategy, but provide the plan and guidance to execute that plan.  From Strategic Planning to Creative to Measurement Systems, W3BG is a complete solution to meet your needs.

Creative Design

Without great creative even the best marketing plan and message can fall flat on it’s face.  In today’s super competitive world you have to be inspired to take action.  It’s the details like perception, differentiation, intrigue and even entertainment that will make a difference.  Our design team is not just design sensitive, but understands the importance of the realities of search optimization, technology and return on investment of marketing dollars and development impact.  Creative with a real business result in mind is our method.

Managed Services

Traditional agencies are designed under an old archaic business model that just does not work for today’s marketers.  Modern Digital Agencies have to be nimble and highly structured to provide services that take advantage of rapidly changing technology.  W3BG provides a state of the art Managed Services program that combines all of services and technology that you need taylored to meet each companies needs.  From creative to managed distribution of messages, our simplified pricing managed services program can’t be beat.

Content Management

The biggest trend in today’s web design world is content management or CMS.  If you currently have a standard HTML or flash website based design you will find that it is very difficult to create a dynamic site and it’s too costly to manage and maintain your content.  It’s absolutely in your companies best interest to create your site on a content management platform that is easy to edit and maintain; additionally, to stay at the top of the SEO/SEM game you must have a site that is always changing with new and interesting content.  At W3BG we build all of our sites on the most modern, powerful and easy to use platform in the industry today.  Call us to find out more about our CMS design platform.

Social Networking

Social Networks are all the rage in today’s marketing world, but are they right for you and your company?  The answer is maybe.  W3BG can help you create the right social networking strategy that meets your needs.  Our expertise can help you not only setup Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, Blip and your Blogs, but we can create and manage them for you so that you get the maximum SEO impact for your company.

IT Managed Services

In today’s marketplace anyone can build and host a website, which for really small business makes sense.  The problem is you get what you pay for.  If your business is dependent on a web marketing strategy that is mission critical, then risking your business to anything other than a managed care environment is foolish.  Our Managed Services program is unique in that not only do we package world class hosting and distribution services on the RackSpace environment, but we package our complete design and creative solutions as well.  This provides you total care to keep your mission critical applications running and to be ready when disaster strikes. 

Web Development

W3BG’s Web Development Team is serious about ensuring that all websites we create are a high quality experience on all browsers both mac and PC.  Clean code makes for a great web experience and over time is easier to manage and maintain.  In addition of innovative integration of flash, php, integrated video, CMS systems database management and world class site performance, we are experts at integration with existing or third party applications.  Anyone can do a basic website, but our designs and the development are a cut above the norm and that means higher ROI.  Contact us today and learn more about W3BG Web Development.

VideoCentric Marketing

Video has become the most pervasive communication medium in the world today.  For the most part video is the preferred method of receiving information and the fact is it makes complete sense.  Today’s web users are not readers.  Text on Websites is primarily for SEO and most people under 45 would rather watch a 60 second video instead of reading a paragraph of text.  The key is not to just have video on your website without purpose, but the right kind that reaches your audience and creates action.  VideoCentric Marketing is about how the video seamlessly integrates your message and causes action to be taken.  It’s about results.  Call us today to find our more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are two of most misunderstood implementations that the vast majority of Agencies fail at miserably.  At W3BG we understand the critical nature that SEO and SEM place on the design and development of websites.  We work from day one to ensure that our designs are optimal for SEO and SEM programs and best of all we take care of all your needs as part of our total Managed Services Program.  W3BG is committed to making sure you have the best opportunity to succeed with all search engine marking and placement opportunities.

Project Management

One of the most exciting aspects of our Managed Services Program is our new online Ticket system.  This system allows our clients to easily communicate with our teams before during and after the project cycles.  A well managed process saves time and money and that’s our commitment.  For continued needs our Project Management Ticket system will allow you to keep all requests properly monitored by our team and yours. 

Video Production

W3BG has an award winning Production and Motion Graphics team that understand just what it takes to make great web video.  When it comes to the web there are many variations that have to be considered to ensure a great experience.  W3BG uses a videocentric approach to the user experience which can be seen in virtually every site we deploy.  When we use video it has a purpose and ensures that the user moves one step closer to the desired result.  Video that is powerful and well done can make the difference in a user taking action.  Make sure to visit the “Our Work” page to see just how powerful video can be.

eMail Marketing

The world of email marketing is becoming more and more difficult to navigate with so many efforts to stop spammers.  W3BG knows what it takes to create an effective email system and marketing strategy and we use some of the best tools available on the market today.  We create systems that make it easy to communicate with your current customers and prospects. Seamless and integrated is our difference, and best of all our customer management and list management systems are integrated and keep your data in sync.