W3BG Top Political Design Firms 2010

Posted by Steve Sanford / Mon, November 08, 2010 at 02:41 PM
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While TV, Radio and traditional media platforms are still at the forefront of political campaigns and advertising, the web is quickly creating new and dramatic changes in the way people receive information for election cycles and related issue based advocacy.  2008 brought in the advent of Democrats, in particular Mr. Obama’s successful run for President, leveraging social media and web-based tools to energize, organize and communicate with voters.

Conservative organizations and parties on the other hand were found to be sleeping at the wheel, which gave the democrats a position of Political Digital Supremacy. This created the opportunity for W3BG to enter the political arena with tools and technologies to help conservatives and political organizations compete moving forward.

Since 2008, W3BG has risen to the top of political design firms, transforming the way political information and political infotainment is delivered. The web provides a level playing field that allows for new innovation, providing users with information that bypasses the traditional media filters.  Combined with a traditional media approach the opportunity to convey more detailed and meaningful messaging beyond the :30 commercial emerged as a staple in the political arena.  One that can be measured and provides increased reach at lower costs.

W3BG Political uses state of the art technology to build a strategic design and platform tailored to an organization or candidate’s specific needs.  Traditional websites are not going to compete as we enter the 2012 cycle.
From Bob McDonnell for Governor in 2009 to RightChange.com in 2010 W3BG has built a technology and strategic web platform that is the foundation of where the conservative political world will have to move to achieve Political Digital Supremacy.  In the next few weeks I will continue to explore what this means to the political landscape in the coming years.  Political Digital Supremacy for the Right can be achieved and W3BG is leading the way.

iPhone as a New Marketing Platform?

Posted by Steve Sanford / Fri, June 05, 2009 at 07:47 AM
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The mobile world is heating up like a firestorm.  The key is how are marketers going to exploit this technology.  With Apple scheduled to debut the new iPhone with faster processing power and an array of other new features, the key will be how do marketers take full advantage of the explosive growth around the world and leverage the new audience created.  Similarly will RIMM and other brands be able to do the same with the STORM and other devices.

A number of Marketers are looking at the iPhone from an Application Development position.  The key will be can companies get creative enough to write applications that grab the attention of users and as a result become a huge marketing platform for their products and services.  This is not as simple a strategy as just buying advertising, but will require some real creative effort.  The results however I believe will be tremendous for those companies that do a great job of tapping the opportunity.


Expression Engine as a Content Management Platform

Posted by Steve Sanford / Thu, June 04, 2009 at 09:13 PM
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Expression Engine is a truly fantastic publishing platform that is full featured and provides web developers and designers with maximum power and flexibility.

The Development Team at W3BG has been using Expression Engine over the past several months to provide for rapid deployment of new VideoCentric and WebCentric Marketing tools for several clients who wanted an easier way to publish content compared to Joomla.  Joomla is a great system for managing content managed websites, but for many clients the back end is too difficult and confusing.


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